Back On The Job

The last ten days have been intense. I have been pushed to my limit physically, emotionally, and intellectually. When I finally reached the point where I thought I couldn’t handle more, I learned that I could. And as I sit here reflecting, after a long sleep and a few hours of downtime, I could not feel happier, more content, or more grateful than I do right now.

I believe God has a purpose for my life, but that purpose is not a particular job or place, or endeavor. His purpose is a collection of experiences, challenges, and opportunities assembled in a progression through life and it’s all meant to serve and glorify him. One stage prepares you for the next, and the next, and one day you wake up in your sixties blessed with a role you feel you were born to fill.

It’s my dream job and the people that offered it to me are men I deeply respect and admire.

I started a new career ten days ago that I have unwittingly been preparing for my entire life. Some of that preparation was directly related to my new role, most of it couldn’t be more different, but it all shaped me to be where I am now. I couldn’t be happier or feel more fulfilled.

I poured myself into the job, loving every second in an environment that rewards the level of excellence I crave and aspire to bring out in others. It’s been called obsessive or excessive in other places I’ve been, but here it’s expected because it’s necessary to get the job done safely and properly. We use words like professionalism and excellence to describe what we do but in the end it’s simply going above and beyond in the service of others.

I carry a gun to work again. It’s been thirty years since I did that as a Police and S.W.A.T. officer, but it feels like I never left. I’m in the security business now and while the roles and duties are different, the risk level is very high. My job is to manage a division of what I feel is the best security company in Nevada. The focus of what my team does is rife with danger and risk so there are no casual moments. They will always be the first target when danger presents itself so they have to be the best at everything they do. I may outrank them, but my job is to serve them to ensure they are ready to meet those threats with excellence and professionalism and to ultimately prevail.

It’s a great responsibility and a lifetime of experience has prepared me to meet the challenge. I am told that at 61 years of age I should be slowing down, taking it easy, fading off into the sunset. Before God and every last one of you reading this, I confess my absolute failure at accomplishing all of those things.

God has blessed me with so much. I have a life and health and a wife that loves me and I love dearly. I have four beautiful young children that own my heart and need a vibrant daddy they can look up to and learn from. I have a home, and family and friends that are fiercely loyal.

I will serve God until my last breath wherever he needs me. He put me here. He knows how old I am and where all the dents and cracks are, and he found the perfect spot for me to serve. I could not feel more honored, valued, or happier. Because of my age and experience, my life continues to have purpose.

I am doing this for God and my family. But being back in a world where I belong, doing meaningful and important work, well, it’s not just my family that benefits.

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