Daniel Tangi On The Fast Track

I would like to think that every parent wants the very best for their kids. In the same breath, they want their kids to be strong, in every sense, and to have embraced the wisdom imparted to them during the formative years immersed in good parenting and family support.

That’s the storybook hope, at least. The world, however, is teeming with counseling schedules booked solid with parents of bad kids and bad parents of good kids, and every imaginable iteration of each in between.

Daniel Tangi is one of those storybook kids. He isn’t perfect, nor are his parents, but the God they worship as a family is, and because of that, God has been the cornerstone for the Tangi family through the best and the very worst of it. And, it’s God that remains to this day as the cornerstone of seventeen-year-old Daniel’s life.

I watched a football game that Daniel played in last year and saw him run the ball. The kid is fast. Beyond fast. He is the kid that blows past every other red-faced and straining kid effortlessly, like they are standing still. College scouts come to his games, salivating, because signing an athlete like Daniel is their Superbowl of success, and for some, he is why they became scouts.

A quiet kid that wants to become a broadcast journalist covering sports, Daniel joins me on the show this week. I think he will be one of those kids that we will all be talking about one day saying, “Remember when Daniel Tanji was a kid, and you did that podcast with him? Look at him now.”

At seventeen he is a man completely devoted to God, his principles, his family, and doing the right thing in faith. He is also an incredible all-round athlete with blistering speed, and a plan for what he wants to do when the stage lights go out and he turns his focus to things beyond athletics.

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