• Saving Souls

    These are special moments when all six are sitting calmly in one place. Cartoons will do that to a toddler and their dogs, and Ana didn’t miss the opportunity for a candid group shot. This picture is rare, unusual, and when I saw it, my mind hit replay. Four...
  • Coffee Will Be Ready Soon

    Photo by Dan Smedley on Unsplash Over two years ago, I got this idea to start a coffee business. I did some research, gathered the data, then weighing things out I decided to put it on the back burner. I had too many things going on to do a...
  • You Don’t Find Love, You Build It

    Love. I believe that it is a thing best measured by the person receiving it rather than the one giving it. I can say that after a dozen years of holding her, smelling her skin, and gazing love-struck into her chocolate brown eyes, I have never questioned Ana Tigre’s...
  • Assessing The Damage

    When this whole quarantine business first reared its ugly head, and the realization that the world would soon be grinding to an indefinite halt sank in, I decided that I would come out the other end of this a better man in better circumstances. The actual role of government,...
  • My Diary

    Perhaps this isn’t something one would expect to see on my website or any other for that matter, but I’ve given it some thought and it’s something I am ready to share with you. I’ve been here for closer to sixty-one years now than sixty and I’ve had the...
May 2022