Assessing The Damage

When this whole quarantine business first reared its ugly head, and the realization that the world would soon be grinding to an indefinite halt sank in, I decided that I would come out the other end of this a better man in better circumstances.

The actual role of government, it would seem, is to blame the other party for all manners of indiscretions, failures, character flaws, and corruption while their own broad shoulders fly the cape of virtue and unbridled public service. The media’s job then is to provide evidence of such malfeasance and scandal, and contrasting goodness, whether it exists or not. All the while collecting our money and spending it like there’s no tomorrow. At times, rare and few it would seem, they run the country. They would like us to nod our naive heads and believe and vote for them, of course, and hate the other guys because no matter what side you are on, the other guys are evil and wrong 100% of the time.

When the political finger-pointing shifted from “why are we shutting down the country” to “why didn’t we shut it down sooner,” I knew I had a few weeks to reach my goal. Now that the outrage and blamestorming have recently shifted toward who is more irresponsible for opening or keeping the country closed, I know that whatever I planned on getting done will have to get done pretty soon.

I’ve read a bunch of audiobooks since the beginning of March, an average of four per week. I am starting a new business, and I am about four weeks away from making my first sale. That business is both recession and pandemic proof, and it’s something I wish I had done two years ago when I first had the idea. I’ve spent a lot more time with my kids playing and teaching them things and going on adventures in the back yard or park, and they are doing better than ever. I was going to get in the best shape of my life, but alas, I didn’t. The best time to start would have been back in March. The second best time is today, so I am going to haul my procrastinating puddin-pants body out of this chair and get it moving right after this article is done and posted.

I’m happy with how everything went, despite our business being devastated since January. I did, however, make arrangements for it to be revitalized, but there will be some changes. They are significant, and we will announce those soon. It’s a rough spot, a tough one to take, but the story will end well. In a year from now, I’m betting that we will look back at how it all shook out and say this was the best thing for our family.

It’s been said that we grow the most from pain and adversity. I believe that, and I approach everything that happens in life, good or bad, as an opportunity. An opportunity to grow, get stronger, get better, and advance my position so I can do a better job of caring for my family and fulfilling the destiny God has for my life.

When I focus on the injustice and frustration and discomfort, it’s all I am able to see. When I look past the discomfort, the inconvenience, the pain, and the change, and look for opportunities, I always find them.  

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