Cole The Camera Clown

Cole is a funny kid. Not in a “we need a therapist” kind of way, just plain old-fashioned funny. If there is a moment otherwise devoid of color, he will paint it gloriously with something funny. Sometimes there is no purposeful intention, it’s just his four-year-old mind making sense of things in an un-complicated Forrest Gump kind of way. He doesn’t understand why we are laughing, but that doesn’t prevent him from joining in. The boy can carry on a conversation about almost anything and those talks are always hilarious. Unless he thinks the topic is beyond his experience and development, then he will remind you, condescendingly I might add, that he is just a kid.

And then there are those moments when we are trying to do something simple and painless, like snapping a quick picture, and he seizes the opportunity to be a clown.

Ana did her hair and makeup so we could shoot some pictures at the gym of her in the new “Strong” tee shirt for She looked beautiful and Cole sitting on her lap made for one of those moments I thought would be memorable. The instructions were simple. I asked him to smile for the camera. But the boy saw his moment and took it. The more frustrated I got, the more he clowned around making faces. And then I realized these shots, and not the one I had in mind, were the golden memories we would enjoy the most.

Some folks ask me what I was thinking when I became a father to a young family at my age. I wasn’t thinking, I was just doing what God told me to do. What I can tell you is that I don’t remember a happier and more fulfilling worldly time than being with my children and my wonderful wife, Ana. And when I talk to God each morning, I thank him for my family and what they have done to make my life so wonderful, purposeful and enjoyable.

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