Deep Gratitude

The sun was still dreaming of the snowy mountain tops and sandy beaches and the appreciative faces it would warm today when I woke this morning. Ana’s body was pressed against mine, her skin and hair fragrant and I paused to just look at her beautiful face as she slept. Our two little dogs, in kind, pressed into her feeling safe and at peace they slept as soundly as the sun.

Dreaming of dolls and tractors and all manner of things wondrous to a child, Cadence, Emma and Cole lay asleep in their beds down the hall. The house was silent. As I began to consider the responsibility and honor of all that has been given to me by God I started to pray. They were prayers of gratitude for all he has done for me, and so deep and sincere, they were soon filled with emotion. It was one of the most wonderful moments of my entire life and I just let it flow.

In time the sun came up, and with it, I could hear tiny feet hit the floor. Soon I had three very exuberant young engineers helping me unravel the mystery of brewing our morning coffee. Not a new experience for them but most certainly new for today. The right buttons got pushed, a couple of extra times for good measure, by feverish little fingers not wanting to miss out on any step in the process. The invention functioned as perfectly as a thirty dollar coffee maker can, and happy cheers erupted from our miniature crowd as the pot began to fill with steaming black richness. We had prevailed as a family.

It was the very best way a father could have spent that tiny sliver of life.

All this while Ana slowly met the day by reading her Bible swaddled in warm bed sheets, and in peace, which quite probably will be the only peaceful time she has all day.

I poured her first cup into a vessel wisely minted with a locking top so that three sets of rushing, stumbling, and unexacting hands could deliver it to her bedside without want of medical care. Beaming with pride, they handed the steaming elixir to their Mom, and the smile on her face was the most beautiful thing a man could hope to see. It made their day and they all sat on the bed proudly to behold the spectacle of her first sip. Surrounded by her two little dogs and three precious children, Ana got lost in a deep kind of love she and I could only dream of just a few short years ago.

The story of our becoming a family has been a tapestry woven with faith, obedience, and God’s miracles. These children were always meant to be ours, and God made it so.

I thought of how far I have come, all since accepting Jesus Christ as my personal savior, and I am humbled that I matter that much to God. I will admit I have kept him very busy at times. But that is his promise to me and whenever I turn to him, he is there, patient and loving.

I put on some music with those thoughts in mind, and this song was playing. A reminder that he is always there.

I hope you enjoy it. May God Bless you richly today.

He has a plan for your life too.

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