My Diary

Perhaps this isn’t something one would expect to see on my website or any other for that matter, but I’ve given it some thought and it’s something I am ready to share with you.

I’ve been here for closer to sixty-one years now than sixty and I’ve had the honor of traveling down a lot of road in that time. I’ve picked up some lessons along the way, most of them the hard way, and it would be remiss I think in not sharing them with good folks like you that may be standing at those same forks in the road that I once was.

If a bump or scar I carry around can help someone else avoid the same, then I think the transparency is well-worth whatever consequence that may come with my honesty. And truth be known, I will stand before God sooner than later and his opinion of me is the only one that matters. I just want to help someone with the time I have been blessed with.

My Diary

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