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Over two years ago, I got this idea to start a coffee business. I did some research, gathered the data, then weighing things out I decided to put it on the back burner. I had too many things going on to do a proper job of it.

But I like coffee, and I’ve never stopped thinking about the business I wanted to start. The more I investigated, the more fascinated I became with every step of the process. From the farmers, their families, and communities to the roasting stage where the quest for the ultimate coffee is just as much art as it is science, to the final scene where hot water and art become a soothing flavor experience.

Six weeks ago, the coffee idea re-emerged. I have the time now, and on Friday, May 29th, The Blackbean Coffee Company opens for business online at You can go there now and add your email to our mailing list. We can notify you by newsletter when the store opens and when we add new coffee and accessories to the store or make important announcements.

We are offering one coffee to start. And we will run a small test before we fly into full production so we limited the number of bags we will have to sell on this production run.

The coffee is from Costa Rica, and we named it Sunrise. If I could put all the feelings of a tropical sunrise into a coffee, this coffee would be it. It is a single-origin coffee, medium roast, and it has a very balanced and fruity and very smooth taste. Even if you prefer another taste experience, this coffee is delicious and well worth the time.

Soon after we open the store next week, we will start to add more coffee varietals and blends to the line, so we have something for every taste preference.

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