Greg Hasberry’s Slow March Toward Death And Then Deliverance

Five years ago, Greg Hasberry, an otherwise healthy and vibrant young man, was slowly reaching the end of his life.  His kidneys had failed, he had been on dialysis for some time, and his body was giving indications that it just wouldn’t be able to keep functioning much longer.  He is a single parent, and the only thing that kept him going on the toughest days was his daughter and wanting to be there for her.    

Then one day, he got a call.  It was a man that wanted to meet with him.  In the middle of a local coffee shop, that man told Greg he wanted to be his kidney donor.  

The memories are still vivid for Greg.  In this podcast, he shares some of those thoughts, fears, and feelings during his slow walk toward impending death and then the kindness of a Christian man he barely knew that gave him his life back.  


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