We Adopted Cole

Six months ago, we took foster placement of a little boy named Cole.  Yesterday we adopted him.

We adopted Cady and Emma earlier this year.

For the past four years, Ana and I have been foster parents.  It’s been life-changing.  We have aged tremendously, and we have lived exceptionally.  We have hurt like never before.  And we have discovered a capability in ourselves and others of loving and being loved so completely and unconditionally that we never imagined possible.

Most of all, we have served God faithfully, made countless mistakes, but each day we evaluated, forgave, and asked forgiveness, then got up the next day determined to do better.

And today, we woke up, no longer raising someone else’s children for them, but raising our own.  It’s a lot to take in.  It’s what we prayed for, and God answered those prayers.

Ana and I sit down to talk about the experience, some of the highs and lows, and moving forward.

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