Tanji Johnson – Getting Back Up And Winning

Image provided by Tanji Johnson

I met Tanji Johnson in 2001 when she had just graduated from being an amateur athlete to the Professional Division of competitive fitness in the IFBB.  She became an icon in the fitness industry, competing for 15 years as one of the very best, and at times, the very best in the world.  As a photographer and journalist, I had the privilege of covering her career for fitness industry magazines and websites and witnessing some of the incredible highs and devastating lows she experienced along the way.  Despite two typically career-ending injuries, she recovered and came back stronger and better than ever.

The approach she takes with life is the same she took with her athletic career, and because of that, she is immensely successful at everything she chooses to do.

I hope you find Tanji and her approach to facing difficulty inspiring.  We all can most certainly use some inspiration right now.


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