Kevin Myles And Fitness Over Fifty

Aging looks very different in 2020 than it did when I was growing up.  The average 60-year-old man or woman looks and acts very differently than they did even a generation ago.  Fitness is the culprit.  That and eating healthier and living healthier lifestyles.  Until now, however, finding applicable information about aging and staying fit has been challenging.  Most of the available fitness information created is for a younger audience, and the information available doesn’t address some of the biological changes those over 50 experience like changing hormones, changing digestion, and reduced recovery, for instance.

And the information available for those over 50 is not always applicable to non-sedentary types and indeed not committed athletes that function at a high level of fitness and capability.

Kevin Myles, Author of The Diet That Works, is our guest today, and we talk about his new project that just launched, The Fifty Plus Fit Club.  Kevin is a well known trainer and qualitifed expert on nutriton and training and a 61 year old male elite athlete.  In other words, the perfect man for the job.

Visit the website and you can reach out to Kevin Myles Here.

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