Choosing To Live

This Christmas and New Years was quiet for Ana and I. It was the first one since we met that we didn’t have the potential of my impending death hanging over our heads. Over the past three years Ana, and God, have helped me escape a death sentence a doctor gave me in 2001. This past summer I was given an outstanding report from my cardiologist. Not just good but outstanding.

At 57 I have no intentions of slowing down, despite so many that see that as a reward for a life of hard work, I see it as the first step to an early death. Move it or lose it is the rule with aging as well as staying fit.

I opened up this episode of my Vlog with a talk explaining some of the changes coming and the reasons why. We also made an announcement at the very end of the video that we have waited to share for a very long time, and now we can.

I hope you enjoy Episode 15 – I will be doing Vlogs daily from now on for as long as I can. Please subscribe, like the video and comment. And feel free to ask me any questions on the youtube comments and I will do my very best to answer them.


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