Harleys And Tattoos

Years ago, one of the models we worked with for Blessed Bodywear told me that her husband was a tattoo artist. I booked some time with him to get some work done on my left arm. I loved his work, and we have become friends since then. While he was working on my arm piece, there were a few sittings to get it all done, he told me about a TV show he would be on called Ink Master. A few months later, he had won season three and had become an overnight celebrity.

Joey Hamilton is a very likable guy, and the world fell in love with him. He was traveling all over the place, making appearances, and meeting his adoring and appreciative fans. Back home, he was the same old Joey. Fame and adoration didn’t change him a bit.

I took one of my infrequent days off and rode my Harley down the Vegas strip to visit Joey at his shop, Revolt Tattoos, in the Fashion Show Mall. He was working on an incredible leg piece, and he agreed to let me film some of it.

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