Making Our Marriage Our First Priority Again

When Ana and I met I was a photographer and she was a professional athlete and model.  We travelled the country together and every chance we got she modeled for me.  We did what we wanted when we wanted and were glued at the hip and happy about it.  We started raising kids three and a half years ago and that was the end of our marriage being a priority.  Kids came first, then work to pay for kids and Ana and I lived in the same house and loved each other, but rarely got time together to do the things that were important to us.  One of the many positives of being quarantined is that we have more time than we had before and we decided to spend it on each other.  Since then our marriage has taken a very strong upswing and realizing how important that time is to a happy and successful family, we made a promise to always invest time in each other and doing things together that we love to do.


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