It’s All Your Fault, And Other Lies

Ana Tigre and I get into it in this episode of the Unscripted Podcast. She says I’m not perfect, and this coming from someone that…

We all can do better, so why focus on the things that annoy you about your wife or husband? Or your kids, or friends, or anyone else for that matter. The problem may be that we tend to focus on the negative in others rather than the positive, so we only see the negative and miss all the things we could appreciate.

Focussing on the negative and placing blame may be nothing more than a habit. We discuss our realizations and how changing our habits has paid off in a more happy and peaceful home. We also talk about habits and how they can be easily changed so that we don’t fall into the negative rut we have learned from others along the way.

As always, we hope this podcast helps someone.

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