Shooting Kayleen Fines

In my very best estimation, it was May of 1997 when I strolled through the door of the shoemaker in Kelowna, British Columbia, to claim ownership of my brand-new custom-made cowboy boots. I proudly wore them home. They were black and shiny and I stared at them as I walked just like a kid would do. They were perfect and have given me nothing but pleasure and comfort since that day.

Kayleen Fines was born two years after that.

I own a pair of cowboy boots that are two years older than the model I just photographed.

Despite the numbers, Kyleeen and I hit it off right away. She’s just happy and funny and eager to make the most of every moment. She is passionate about life, her family, and most of all, God. She is a mom with an energetic and very busy eighteen-month-old, and tragically, she just miscarried her second child. She also lost her grandmother recently, and there have been other losses and heartbreak in the past few months that have brought her to her knees. Not in defeat, but rather, in prayer.

I was inspired as she spoke about all she has been through and how she found comfort in God rather than the destructive things so many others get lost in when they feel crushed by life.

The drive to our location in St. Petes Beach, Florida, was spent listening to this young woman, wise beyond her years and yet so young and eager to learn.

Ana and Elaine had asked me to photograph Kayleen for I’m so grateful that they did.

She is the kind of woman that Ana and Elaine love to work with because she is so inspiring and there is so much good to share. They will be featuring her on the Blessed Bodywear website, and I am sure there will be a whole lot more of Kayleen coming.

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