Reuniting With Miss Gia Macool

It’s been a few years since our first photoshoot together. Even then, Gia worked like a seasoned professional despite being new to fitness modeling. A few years and 2.2 million Instagram followers later, she is still the same hard-working, kind, and non-self-absorbed Gia she was when she started.

She is the kind of girl that doesn’t forget the people that helped her get started and, unlike most, doesn’t suffer under the delusion that she is the only person in the room that matters. She is kind, respectful, and thoughtful of everyone, and when it’s time to work, she always comes prepared and works as long and as hard as it takes to get the shot. She works on her brand full time and does real estate on the side, and is successful at everything she does.

She is married to a great guy that served our country in the Marine Corps. He now works as a bodyguard, and he modifies and builds guns on the side. They are my kind of folks, in other words.

When I choose a model to work with, now that I only do photography for our projects, I pick the right look, of course. But the most critical element is that we share some level of chemistry, so we are able to collaborate creatively. Discovering a model with modeling skills, basic manners, and humility that understands they are there to do what the photographer and client need is rare.

I felt that Gia was that rare combination of everything we need, and yesterday confirmed that. We will be able to see our shots soon on, and in the meantime, please visit and follow her on Instagram @giamacool


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