Why I Started ModlBody Magazine

This post is a bit of an artsy-fartsy touchy-feely one, so if you want to look at some beautiful women and don’t really care that much about the why then click here to see Issue One of ModlBody Magazine. I’m proud of this one, and it’s more personal than the others I have published. I hope you enjoy it.

In 1998 at the age of 39, I felt uneasy about the direction I was steering the life God gave me. After three months of solitude and deliberation, I felt strongly about photography and writing. One morning, as we sat in the summer sun, I declared I would be a writer and photographer, which made perfect sense given my complete understanding of nothing to do with either. In hindsight, it was a brilliant decision. I have the deepest gratitude for those around me who chose not to counsel me but instead supported me as a mother would a toddler who just declared his desire to be an astronaut. I can blame their support at least partially on them knowing I would not have been easily dissuaded, despite the apparent logic. My past is littered with odd or bold decisions, depending on how you see it, which most often turned out well. When I feel led to pursue something, common sense, it would seem, is not that common for me. Those that love me enjoy front row seats to the spectacle, whether they want to or not, and off we go. You know who you are. Thank you for being the wind in my sails.

Since that morning and my bold revelation, to now, the highs could not have been higher, and the lows were perilously so. But as I look back and watch the dust settle from the past 22 years, I know I chose the right path.

I’ll spare you the detailed list and suffice it to say that I enjoyed two decades working with some of the most incredible people and models I could have ever hoped to know. And my work has been published countless times in the world’s top magazines. All that and five bucks will get you a cup of Starbucks Coffee, but there were some exceptional moments and many cherished images that I made along the way.

Photography is a hobby now, which translates into photography is something I am enjoying again. It’s no longer about shooting someone else’s vision; now, it’s about taking the thoughts and ideas bouncing around my noggin and turning them into something I want to make.

And so we mercifully arrive at the purpose of this wordy post. I wanted a place to showcase some of the incredible models I enjoy working with that provides a context more celebratory of the models than the conveyer belt of visual white noise: Instagram.

I created ModlBody Magazine for this purpose, and I released the first issue recently. It’s a digital magazine that has the look and feel of a paper magazine, but it is so much better than a print magazine in many ways. You can enjoy the magazine on any internet-connected device so you can always have it with you. Digital images are backlit by the device, whereas light is reflected from anything printed, so that means your pictures viewed on a device are more vivid, detailed, and of more consistent quality.

You can watch a video or listen to a podcast from the pages of a digital magazine. You can shop directly from the advertisements without leaving the magazine to do so. These are genuinely interactive publications and not just beautiful.

Most important, ModlBody Magazine is free. I just want you to enjoy it.

Issue One – July 2020

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