We Are Adopting Our Former Foster Son’s Mother

This has been a long time coming but we filed papers recently and today we got a court date for the adoption of Crystal, our former foster son’s biological mother.  When we told our family and friends they didn’t understand why.  We talk about why in this episode and it’s for the most simple of reasons.  We also talk about our business, how quarantine and Covid have impacted it, and what we are doing about it.  Doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do is important and we do our best to live our life in a way that reflects those values.  We aren’t perfect by a long shot, but we have a perfect record of doing our best, learning from our mistakes, and making something good from what we have left to work with.  

As always, I hope this podcast helps someone, inspires someone, and shows someone what is possible.  

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