Garbage In Garbage Out

You roll out of bed and look at your phone.  There’s a notification there and you click on it and suddenly you are thrust into a world of drama and injustice, political outrage, or someone else’s tragic story.  It only took a couple minutes to read but long after you set the phone down your mind is racing and just like squeezing a dropper of blood into your glass of water, your brain is inexorably stained with drama and stress.  While the rest of your world is looking at daisies and sunshine, you are on level nine and for the life of you, you can’t figure out why you feel so stressed.  It affects your work, relationships, motivation, and in the long run, your health and happiness.  We have to be the gatekeepers of what and who we subject ourselves to as it has a drastic impact on our lives.  

Ana Tigre and I sit down to talk about how starting our day by loading up on everyone else’s stress has impacted our family and what we chose to do about it.


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