Managing Overwhelmed

Ana and I are overwhelmed most day, every day actually, with three toddlers in the foster system, two dogs, two businesses, and a marriage.  The brochure said there would be balance, the brochure lied.  So here we are in way over our heads and wondering how the heck we got here, but more so, how the heck are we going to dig our way out.

We planned a business/family trip to Los Angeles and San Diego two weeks ago and we were blessed with less business to do than we thought at first.  In the end we had 4 days of family time, very little else, and we were able to deconstruct our lives and find some solutions to our dilemma.

Ana and I sit down to share our experience and how it affected our marriage, business and family and the solutions we found that have made a monstrous positive difference.  We hope it helps someone else out there because we know we aren’t the only ones.  


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