Our Foster Kids Came Back – Show 48

Episode 48:

You can read this related article about the girls coming home.

Last October the two little girls that we took in as foster kids moved to live with a former foster family that wanted to adopt them.  We did all we could to help make that happen in a timely fashion but the girls were with us for seven months.  It was very hard to see them go but we found peace in believing we had done the right thing.  We never expected to see them again.

But God had a different plan.

A short time ago we got a call from the Department of Family Services and we were told that things didn’t work out and the girls were coming back to Las Vegas.  They wanted to know if we were interested in taking them.  Without hesitation we said yes.

Being a foster parent can be very challenging.  Every child that comes into care has been traumatized in some way at some level so you have to be prepared to deal with the usual stuff that pops up when you raise children as well as the other stuff these poor little souls have been through.

While our girls have been through a lot, we are prepared and more than willing to give them a life they will love and flourish in.

The icing on the cake is that these girls are adoptable so after the mandatory waiting period, we will begin proceedings to give them the forever family they so badly want and need.

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