Managing Life Instead Of It Managing You

Episode 49

Difficult times can either break you or make you stronger but it’s how you react to the circumstances and not the circumstances themselves that determine your happiness, success and peace.  Mike Tyson once said that every fighter has a plan until he gets punched in the face.  I find that philosophical advice can make tremendous sense until the crap hits the fan then the advice itself does little to pull us out of the mud storm.  

Ana and I have been in a mud storm for a couple years now to be honest, and all the helpful quotes and wisdom hasn’t helped much to be honest.  Last Saturday I was laying in bed and sick with a very high fever.  I spent 48 hours just thinking and at the end of it all, I made some decisions.  I needed more than a quote, I needed some tools, some new habits that would help me see and deal with my circumstances differently.

We sat down to share that with you.  I hope it helps.

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