Interview With UFC Referee Mark Smith – Show 36

I met Mark Smith in 2004.  He was an F16 Pilot with the United States Air Force Thunderbirds, and I was doing a story on him and a Thunderbird Crew Chief.  We have been friends since that time, and I have watched him progress through his career from Thunderbird Pilot to White House Fellow and Special Assistant to the Director of NASA, to F16 advanced combat tactics trainer, to Southwest Airlines Pilot and UFC Referee.  If you are a fight fan, you have probably seen him on TV.  He is a father of four amazing kids – and he is African American, which I only mention because his skin color has put up roadblocks for him along his career path. At 49 years of age, he is living his dream life yet he continues to dream of more and greater challenges. It’s a lengthy interview, just over an hour, but Mark is a fascinating man and keeping it to an hour almost did us all a disservice.

I hope you find Mark as inspiring as I do.

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