Her Rich Brown Eyes

This fall, Ana Tigre and I will celebrate ten years of marriage, and she is the most beautiful human being I have known. It’s been a wild ride. So many ups and downs, so many impossible challenges, so many incredible experiences. We have cheated death together, saved lives together, and loved as if that day would be our last. We have traveled the world together, and gone nowhere and were just as happy. We have lost friends and loved ones and almost each other.

We became parents and tragically said goodbye to precious little souls we never wanted to go. We have had plenty, and we have lost almost everything. We have at times given so much to others that we had virtually nothing left for each other, and we have shut out the entire world and gotten utterly lost in our love for days.

We have loved like neither of us ever imagined we could, and we have fought with passion over things that hurt us deeply. And in the end, through humility, love and understanding, we have learned more about how we could each do better at loving each other as that has always been what’s in our hearts.

A couple of days ago, we drove to Orlando to work with a model for BlessedBodywear.com. Ana was able to come with me, we don’t often get that time together so we were excited for the drive. As I was waiting for the model to change outfits, I looked over at Ana as she sat waiting, lost in her thoughts. I saw this image and took it.

We got home after dark. The kids were in bed and the house was quiet. Ana was getting ready for bed so I opened this picture and stared at it. In her dark and rich brown eyes I saw the years. The rain and fire we have walked through, the sun that has caressed her shoulders, and all she has lost and loved. I saw her scars, and I saw her strength, and I felt a love for her I can’t begin to explain. And I ached to hold her.

We put God at the center of everything and he has blessed us with all we could ask for.

And after Him, the greatest is her and her love.

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