Falling In Love Again

I retired from commercial photography a few years ago, so I don’t do as many photoshoots now as I once did. It’s better this way. When I do work, I feel a passion for it like I did years ago before the dollars became more important than the art.

I think getting paid for doing something you love is a good thing, but as the checks got bigger, so did the number of fingers in the pie. My last commercial photoshoot took eight hours from start to finish. The photoshoot planning meetings took at least three times that and were very pointless and stressful. In the end, I did what I had planned to do all along.

I hung up my camera bag after that shoot and took a long break from photography. I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. The people involved made it unpleasant and it was impossible to feel creative. The break was good but months later I still had no desire to pickup my camera beyond what I shot for Blessed Bodywear.

That’s when Ana asked me to start shooting more for Blessed.

I started shooting Ana. Working with her is always inspiring and I love the pictures we make together. She works just as hard at modeling as I do at shooting pictures so its a passionate and creative time when we work together. Soon after, I started working with some models that didn’t think they were models, and we created some beautiful and honest images. I had fun and I liked the pictures and the process again.

Today I was looking for some images I needed and ran across a folder with a few of those images I had shot when Ana convinced me to come back and start working again. I’m so thankful for Ana’s love, for knowing when to leave things be, and when to inspire me to do what I God put me here to do.

I hope you enjoy them.

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