Good Men Building Other Men

I know a guy that has devoted his life to the defense of our country. He has been on almost every continent doing the dangerous work very few know about but is vital for our safety and to preserve our way of life. He stands for ideals, values, and principles, and he does it courageously and unwavering whether those ideals are popular at the time or not.

One may imagine him a hard and calloused man, inevitable given what he has seen and done and put into motion in his 65 years, but the truth paints a far different picture. This man cares deeply, far deeper than most, I think, for his country, community, and family and friends.

He sent me something this morning that I want to share with you. It’s an article filled with eye-opening wisdom, and it’s advice that I would expect to come from a man like my friend Rick.

I hope it makes your day better, your life better, and the people that count on you each day better.

God Bless.

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