Do The Hard Thing

At 113 degrees, the asphalt gets so hot you can feel it radiate through the soles of your shoes. The air gets sharp and hard to inhale. Your heart rate elevates beyond 100 beats per minute as it works to cool your body, and you haven’t started moving yet. You are alone. No one else thinks this is a good idea, and you begin to wonder if they may be right. But you planned this, and you committed. Not to anyone else, but yourself. And if you quit because it’s uncomfortable, intimidating, or hard, you know you’ll quit everything that looks uncomfortable, intimidating, or hard.

You are 61 years old. You have one grown and four little souls that need you and need you at your best. And they will need you at your best until you are into your 80’s. Your wife will need you at your best well beyond that. Outside of God, they are the center of your universe, and all you do is for them. It’s time to put in the work.

But hill sprints in the heat of the day is not optimal or even productive. Or is it?

You can’t train your body to be it’s best if your mind hasn’t the courage to go beyond, sometimes way beyond, what is comfortable. Of course, take precautions and know your limits. But before you give weakness and fear a voice in your head, and they can get loud when then work gets miserable, you have to commit to getting it done and done well. The greater the challenge, the more confident you become, and the more you learn what you are made of.  Rationalizing our failure to launch may bring you support from others but it erodes your potential.  While you may be able to fool others, we alone know the truth about our choices.

I sprinted those hills yesterday.  It was incredibly hot.  My heart rate hit 170 and beyond and it hurt to breathe.  And not for a second did I consider stopping before the workout was done.  Today I don’t question that I will hit my fitness goals and beyond no matter what obstacles lay ahead, or any other goals I set for myself.

Stop running from discomfort. The decision to chase comfort in all things is robbing you of your dignity, your self-esteem, and purpose.

Do the hard thing. It will pay you back in spades.

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