My Ex-Wife And I Talk About The Good Ole Days?

Elaine Goodlad and I brought our 20 year marriage to an end many years ago but we did it in a strange way.  We didn’t fight over anything, we didn’t hate each other, and we didn’t pay any lawyers even a single red penny.  

We were friends when we first met over 30 years ago and we are much closer friends now.  I am re-married and she is living with the love of her life in Florida but we consider each other family.  She spends part of the year on the west coast and when she does she stays with us.  Our kids call her Auntie and recently we decided we would just tell people we were brother and sister because most people can’t wrap their minds around the fact that we don’t hate each other.  

She and my wife are best friends and I have knew her man long before she ever met him, and I have nothing but the deepest respect for him and consider him a friend.

We sat down to talk about the old days and we did plenty of laughing.  If there is a moral to this story it would be that things don’t usually just happen to us, we play a role in most of our circumstances.  How we choose to deal with those circumstances determines the effect they have on our lives more than anything else.  

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