Changing Habits That Don’t Make Your Life Better – Show 41

“I’ve always done it this way” or “this is just how I am take it or leave it” and “This is how I was raised” are all things most of us have said at one point or another when our habits get in the way of our happiness with someone else.  It may be a marriage or relationship, a job, or just the rapid evolution of technology.  Habits that were formed in the past that may have been effective then may not be effective now and may be destroying the things and people most important to you.  Like most people, I am that way but I read a book that really opened my eyes to how the brain works and specifically how our brain creates and stores habitual behavior.  I realized that if something in my life is getting in the way of my happiness, productivity, or relationships then I have the ability to re-program that habit into something that makes my life, and the lives of my loved ones, much better.  

I hope you enjoy this one and find it helpful.  

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