You Won’t Believe Me But It’s True

I photographed Robyn, our favorite Blessed Bodywear Catalogue Model, two nights ago in Ana’s new Blessed Bodywear “Ocean” Vixen Squatpants and Squatshorts. This production run is a very special one for a couple of reasons. The first, the “Ocean” color is a custom designed color exclusive to Blessed Bodywear. We ordered it months ago and while it’s late, better late than never. The much bigger reason this production run is such a big deal is that it is our very first in our new Blessed Bodywear Production Facility in Las Vegas. We are able to do everything here from conceptualizing to designing to cutting to sewing to screen printing to shipping – all under one roof. We were blessed with finding an incredibly talented sewing specialist, it takes 4 very expensive machines to sew our squatpants, and Brenda is the master. But it’s not a one person job if you want to make enough to keep up with demand but rather than hiring another sewer, Ana stepped into that role and is working side by side with Brenda so she can be sure to maintain the quality and precision standards we set for ourselves.

Yes it’s an amazing butt shot but what I was excited about was the seam on the pants. Ana sewed the ones you see in the pictures and they are the best seams we have ever had on any of our products since the company began. I am so proud of her. Brenda has been sewing for about thirty years, Ana for a few hours, and just like every aspect of fashion design, she excels at it.

So go ahead and enjoy the booty shot, but before you leave, take a close look at those seams, my very talented wife not only designed the pants, chose the color and had it made special for her clients, but she sewed them perfectly so they look and fit amazing, and will last a very long time.

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