• Being Old Is A Choice

    Well, I suppose that’s not an entirely true statement because, as the Olde English saying goes, “Time and tide wait for no man.” But, how a man invests his time, be he young and spry with the dream of endless horizons or longer in the tooth and comfortably waiting...
  • Elaine And Ana Run The Monster

    They have not been training regularly so they made a pact to start training consistently and to push each other. ¬†Go big or go home they said so they ran “the monster”....
  • First Day Back At The Gym

    It’s been three months since I darkened the door of a gym. I made big plans back then to workout in the garage during quarantine, which was a great idea until it started getting hot in Las Vegas. And it wasn’t training in the heat that posed a problem...
  • Running Back To Running

    When the blood of a much younger man coursed through my veins, I had little use for endurance sports. I did for a time, however, run daily when I was a young police officer. I never enjoyed it. In the time it took to bang out a five-mile run,...
  • High Intensity Evolution Starts Now – Week One In The Books

    The first week of any new training regimen is the best, and the worst. It’s new, exciting, and anything new comes with quick results as a body scrambles to adapt to the new stresses. I find that is especially true with high-intensity training. It will kick your butt. I...
  • That Really Felt Good – Vlog Episode23

    Early morning meeting with Jax Scott, home to get Ana, Jesse and the dogs then head to the stadium stairs for a workout. We had big plans after that for the afternoon and evening but my sexy wife fell asleep. I hope you enjoy my Vlogs and if you...
January 2022