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If you’re a gun person, you have an opinion on caliber choice between the 9MM, 40, and 45 calibre. I’ve been a die-hard 40 cal guy for many years for reasons that will remain my own simply because these are arguments, like all arguments based solely on preference, that are never won or lost. I love my Glock 22, 27, and my HK P30 40 cal, but the 9mm versions are the dominant preference now, which means ammo and other odds and ends, some of which I need for work, are harder to find for .40 caliber models.

And so I bought my first 9mil Glock recently as I need it for work in Florida. When I walked into the store intending on purchasing a very popular Glock model 19, they were out of stock. Then, being a knowledgeable gun enthusiast and knowing I was using it for work, the salesman respectfully asked if I had considered the Glock model 45 9mm. The Glock 45 was designed for law enforcement and has a couple of features that make a valuable difference, in my opinion.

1. The mag-well is flared to easier accommodate fast mag reloads under pressure.
2. The front slide is serrated to more easily facilitate racking the slide in non-conventional ways if you are in a tight spot.
3. Texturing on the grip is aggressive enough to provide a very solid grip yet, not tear up your hands during a heavy training cycle, or your clothing when carrying it.
4. The weapon comes with inserts to make the backstrap adjustable to fit different-sized hands, which for me made a big difference in performance and comfort.

I hate to admit it, but I can put more rounds downrange accurately with my 9mm than I can with the .40cal as I have more control and less fatigue shooting the lighter round. The other obvious benefit is that I can carry more rounds per mag. And I have zero problems finding the holsters and accessories I want and need.

I have fallen in love with the Glock model 45 and highly recommend it to anyone considering a new duty sidearm.

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