Raising Responsible Adults

As a father and a taxpayer, I can’t help but look at the state of our world and ask myself who the heck raised these fools.  My grandmother was the most significant influence in my life, and she was born in 1917 in the prairie province of Saskatchewan in Canada.  She and my grandfather were farmers. They survived the “hungry thirties” as she called them and washed clothes with a washboard, fetched water from the dugout to cook and clean with, chopped wood to heat the house and stove, and a doctor was a day’s ride away in a horse-drawn wagon.

They came face to face with survival each day, and the community around them pulled together, so no one starved, and all had the bare necessities.  Manners were important, so civic pride and duty, hard work, integrity, and taking responsibility were the hallmarks of a good person.

Times have changed.  But why have they changed?

Elaine Goodlad and I , or “Aunty Elaine” as she is called in our family, were raised by the same kind of people and come from the same neck of the woods.  We sit down to talk about what we think went wrong and how Ana, and I are raising our kids and why.

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