Tiffany Newell Grew Up

Models. At the end of the day, they are just people. They are somebody’s daughter, their little girl that a blink ago was wearing diapers. Somewhere between developing an attitude and getting a job, they grew up and became women. I had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany when she was a girl and knowing her now as a woman, a tennis professional, and a wife.

Yet I often see that little girl when I am working with her, and she laughs, or trash talks her sister Niki. I had a problem with it before our first photoshoot, but she put it in perspective for me and took the discomfort away by merely saying it’s ok and pointing out that she is now an adult woman. Every model I have ever worked with was a child at some point in their life and became an adult.

And with that, I was able to get to work. I hope you enjoy these shots. These images are from our first glamour shoot together last year when wearing a mask in public only happened at Halloween and Bank Robberies.


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