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I call it my work, but it really isn’t. Work is something we wake up and have to do, and every man has his reasons why, but I am one of those miserable clods that happen to love what he does. And for that reason alone, I think I do the medium an injustice by referring to it as work.

For the sake of brevity, however, we will stick with work for the purpose of telling this story.

Like all of us, I suppose, Tiffany Newell had a mother. In fact, she still does, and Mrs. Bridgette Newell is every bit as stunning as Tiffany and her three sisters. I had the good fortune of meeting Queen Bridgette many years ago when I was a spritely 40 something. She was, well, it’s really none of my business how young Bridgette was. Still, she was much younger than I. Bridgette was a budding Professional Fitness Star then, an incredible performer, and gymnast, and she was the talk of the town. She was tall, beautiful, and an incredible athlete, and on top of all that, she had four beautiful young daughters. They were well past the diaper-wearing stage, but it’s fair to say dollies were still in the picture. Bridgette modeled for me a handful of times, and her husband Rick and I hit it off as well, so a friendship emerged.

Eventually, she moved on from the sport, and I turned my camera toward other ventures, and we saw each other less.

A few tens of thousands of pictures and a grey beard later, we reconnected, and they showed me photos of his girls that were all grown up now.

Understand, if you will, what I do for a living. I photograph beautiful women and sometimes in a very glamourous and perhaps sensuous way. The women Rick was showing me were not little girls anymore. They were full-grown gorgeous women. They possessed all of the desirable characteristics a photographer would look for in a model. If you can, for a moment, imagine the awkwardness in discovering that his daughters had blossomed into gorgeous models, and it would only make sense that I ask if I could shoot them. It would be rude not to ask and something utterly reprehensible, perhaps if I did.

I rolled the dice on reprehensible, and I am so glad I did. Tiffany is one of my favorite models to work with now, and I attribute that to the comfort and ease each of us feels from knowing me for most of her life.

We have shot glamour for ModlBody Magazine and fitness for, and just recently, Tiffany and her sister Niki modeled for the next issue of ModlBody Magazine, which will be available online at in September. Tomorrow Tiffany will model again for Blessed Bodywear.

I chose to work with her as much as possible, as the pictures are always fresh, engaging, and beautiful because Tiffany likes to push herself to do more. We work well together because we push each other and respect each other, and we want to create the best pictures we possibly can so we can be proud of our work.

Again there is that work word, a colloquialism we use when we are intentionally having fun.

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