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I met Missy Posterli over a decade ago. She is tall, block the sun tall. And she is beautiful, sexy, and incredible and every picture I have ever taken of her, and there have been thousands, will support those claims. There is a belief among a particular faction of knuckle-draggers that a woman that does to a camera lens what Missy does should be seen and not heard. I say good luck and make sure your affairs are in order if you are foolish enough to voice that opinion to Missy. She is tougher than most guys I know, and she will sort you out before you know what hit you and leave you for dead. And look hot doing it.

And so it makes perfect sense that my dear friend would start a podcast. She was a guest on mine recently, and the experience got us talking about her starting one. And like all things Missy does, she took the few pebbles of advice I gave her and built a castle.

She kicked off her podcast recently, and when I listened to the first show, I had to smile. She doesn’t hold back about anything. If you want to spend 30 minutes very entertaining minutes, give her a listen.

I will have her on an episode of Goodlad Unscripted soon to talk about her foray into broadcasting, but you can enjoy my friend Missy here until then.  Be prepared for a very honest and real podcast by a woman that has the courage to speak her mind, and heart.

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