It Fell Apart But Did She Go Back To The Gang Life?

She was born into the gang life and lived it to its fullest for thirty years before being inspired to make a change.  She did the bold thing, the thing she never imagined she could ever do.  She earned her GED, and then later, her certification as a Phlebotomist and a Medical Assistant graduating with honors.  But after graduation, the job prospects didn’t come through, and then a global pandemic and quarantine hit, so any job was out of the question.  

How many people would give up?  How about an African-American woman that grew up in the gang life and knew nothing else until three years ago?  Would she walk away from her dreams and return to her old life of crime and violence?

Crystal made a choice.  She is working on her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. 

She joins me on this podcast to talk about all of it.  The thoughts and feelings and her darkest moments and why she won’t be going back to the life she left.  She is a remarkable woman that inspires me daily because she takes full responsibility for her life and choices.  Because of that, she has the power to change whatever she wishes about herself.   


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