Keeping Everyone Happy During Quarantine

The walls are closing in; money is tight, you can’t get a second to yourself, jobs and businesses are unsure or already lost, the news is all doom and gloom, and the world is angry and fed up.  About then, your wife, or husband, or kids look at you the wrong way, and you feel like you are going to lose it.  Domestic violence is on the rise, and so are bankruptcies, and soon the divorce rate and suicide rate statistics will be made public (when there is no political advantage to keeping them quiet), and they will be alarming.  Getting along with the people in your house is the greatest challenge many of us face each day.

We are quarantined with four adults, four toddlers, two dogs, and Ana and me.  Our business is suffering catastrophically.  Our savings are gone.  I am working as a security guard to keep food on the table for all of us.  There isn’t much left when the dust settles each payday.  We have more than enough reason to be on edge, and we have been many times in the past three months.  

But we have taken a step back and realized that what we do have is each other.  And that this quarantine circus will come to an end, and we have plans to recover when it does.  We also have our faith in God that we will all be healthy and fed and together.  But we have to do the work. We have to solve the problem.

Ana and I talk about how we are doing that and the success we are having.  Our home is full of love and happiness, and while quarantine is extremely difficult, I can proudly say that our children love it, and we are a much happier and closer family than ever before.

We hope that you find something valuable in this podcast, especially if you are struggling.  


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