A Photoshoot With My Girl

I think about those around the globe that are deeply passionate about things they cannot do right now and the sadness and frustration they feel at the loss of time not doing what makes them feel alive each day. I am eternally grateful that while I understand that depth of desire, I am blessed to be quarantined with two incredible models who are equally as eager to escape the confines of home to do something creative.

I did a photoshoot with Elaine last week and this week she babysat so my precious bride and I could indulge ourselves in glorious time together, alone, and do the thing we love to do together most.

We have been planning this shoot for a while now. We wanted to shoot it on Freemont Street in downtown Vegas but when we arrived there the place was blocked off and the Police were on station to ensure no one got near the place. It makes perfect sense of course so we drove off undaunted with intentions of shooting at another location.

Along the way, we discovered a very abandoned area that was perfect for this look that would be teeming with people had there not been a pandemic. Security was there but the good Lord provided us with a gorgeous model and a security guard that happened to be a budding photographer. We were able to work unencumbered for the better part of an hour.

It was cold, however, and windy but after having our plans squashed the last three times we set out to do a photoshoot, Ana and I were not about to go home empty-handed. And this is one of the many things I love about my wife. Her’s was the hardest job, getting into character and making the shots convincing. She never disappoints no matter how uncomfortable or challenging the shoot is for her.

I will be publishing more images in the first issue of ModlBody Magazine when it is released very soon.

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