Getting Back In The Saddle

I caught whatever has been floating around out there in virus-land and was sick for over three weeks. It started with a fever, aches and pains, and extreme fatigue, which then morphed into a deep and debilitating cough, more fatigue, and general uselessness. If you’ve had the pleasure this flu season, then you know how it wears you down, and because it hangs around for so long, you start to wonder if you have more significant health problems than just a cold or flu.

Well, two days ago, I slew the beast. I was able to go all day without getting dizzy and needing a nap. The first thing I did was book an appointment with Vince for a beard trim. There’s something about a beard trim, a freshly washed vehicle, and clean sheets that makes a guy feel normal again and back in the driver’s seat.

This Week

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