Shooting Ana De La O

She carries herself with unusual grace, poise, elegance, and her quiet reserve piques one’s curiosity. You can’t help but look closer. She has the face of a child, yet there is a strength and resolve only a fool would misjudge. She loves her father and her family, and the walls are there to honor them, and herself and a set of values rarely seen in people today. You can’t help but sit up straight and in deference when she is near for fear she may find you improper.

Ana De La O modeled for me this week, and it was in the car somewhere south of Las Vegas when a young woman with an astute sense of humor and razor-edged tongue emerged from all that starch and circumstance. I laughed in relief as much as I did from her wit, and in that moment she became a girl, unguarded, smiling and just enjoying the drive.

Then as we talked and her story unraveled, the walls came down, and their purpose became clear. She comes from a family filled with tradition, love, and honor. Her father is a loving and unselfish man and wanted her to move to the United States to experience life here despite the painful loss he would feel each day she is not there. She lives her life to honor him and her family.

She is competing in a WPC Contest in Las Vegas on August 18th. If you can afford the thirty bucks, it would be well worth it just to see her glide across the stage, statuesque, smiling and carrying all the love, honor and tradition that is her proud Mexican family. 

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