Culture Clash In Our Marriage And How We Solved It – Podcast Episode 52

Ana was born and raised in Brazil and I come from the prairie province of Saskatchewan in Canada.  She is a fascinating woman and she puts all the color and excitement in my work-until-you-drop life and I bring things to her world that she appreciates.  But when the stress levels go up as they tend to do in every marriage, some of those differences become flash points for conflict.  

We realized that no matter where you are from there will be cultural differences simply because married couples are raised in different families and each family has it’s own culture.  Rather than be frustrated, we work to understand each other and our cultures then create our own family culture based on what we need.  

In this episode Ana and I get into it, she drank a lot of coffee this morning, and we work through the examples and the issues and talk about what works.


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