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More often than not, the most compelling stories about the most inspiring people are rife with heartbreak, pain, and great struggles. Yet they courageously prevail and find life and all the things it should be on the other side. We find hope and strength in their words as our problems seem less foreboding and we realize we are not alone in our struggles.

Nashay Smith is one of those inspirational people that does life so well and looks so good doing it, despite living with depression, that it’s hard to imagine that she suffers from anything at all. And that’s the inspiring thing about her. Nashay’s depression is real, and it’s unpredictable, and it could be crippling, but she refuses to let it take one second more of her life than it has to. She works in a restaurant as a server to put herself through nursing school. She is committed to looking after her body, and diligently lives a fit and healthy lifestyle. She recently decided she wanted to be a model and has poured herself into being the best one she could be with the slivers of time she has left over in her insane schedule. And you will see her on stage at WPC 2 in Las Vegas on August 18th and she will be in her glory. Nashay Smith has a dream live her life fully, and works tirelessly toward the goals that will help her realize that dream. She also lives with depression, it’s lurking in the shadows of her every day, but she refuses to stop living her best life because of it. And that is inspiring. 

Living With Depression
“Depression is something that I have dealt with on and off since I was a teenager, but it escalated after being medically discharged from the Navy. Working out helps greatly and eating healthy. I journal, especially if I am having negative thoughts so I can identify exactly why I am feeling a certain way, and I try to read positivity related books. I try, but if I am having a bad day, I love myself regardless and let myself be ok with feeling certain ways instead of beating myself up about it.”

She’s A Lifelong Athlete
“I have been an athlete my whole life, whether it was a sports team or an individual sport, and I also did Irish Dancing growing up. The most recent sport I participated in before I started doing fitness was long distance running. I was under eating and doing so much cardio that my hormones took a hit, along with many other health issues. I started researching different ways to workout while doing so in a healthy way, and I found so many articles about lifting, so I decided to try it and fell in love. I have grown so much as a person because of it and have learned balance and to love and appreciate myself inside and out because of it.”

The Stage Beckons
“I often got asked when I was in the gym if I competed or thought about it. It had never crossed my mind honestly, and I never thought I would ever be able to look like that. But one day, I just decided to go for it, found a coach and dived into contest prep. I grew up doing beauty pageants so I combined my love for fitness, stage time, and sparkled so I couldn’t complain there. I have always been a natural athlete and have heard so many horror stories about it, but I was determined to stay natural, even though, with my body type, it is extremely difficult for me to achieve that level of leanness. The thing I like about competing is how much of a physical and mental sport it is. I would be so exhausted as I got closer to a show, but I knew I had to get that workout in, eat my meals on time, get my cardio in, etc. The sheer willpower I have during a prep blows my mind, and I enjoy that sense of achievement.”

The WPC Is Her Choice
“I am beyond excited about the judging criteria for the WPC because it opens up the possibility of competing for so many more people. It takes so much dedication to reach that level of leanness, and natural or not, it is not a healthy way to be and is not sustainable. I believe that this type of judging criteria will change the vision and idea of competing into one that is more positive, realistic and sending it into a more powerful direction where the message will be that of health and fitness and not unrealistic expectations.” 

Saving And Serving Others
“I want to become a nurse because I am compassionate about helping others achieve their best helpful versions of themselves. I am a really patient person, and I can identify and empathize with the needs of others, and I want a rewarding career. I love science and biology, and the human body intrigues me, and the medical field is always evolving. I am interested in becoming a research-based nurse way down the road when I get my masters, but I can’t wait for the first few years of my career when I can focus on patient care.”

She Loves The Camera And It Loves Her
“I enjoy modeling. I feel like I can learn something always when it comes to modeling and that really interests me and keeps me hungry for a better photoshoot than the last each time I get the opportunity to do so. I feel sexy and powerful when I’m modeling, and I want to make that feeling come out more when I model. What I love most about it is the possibility because I can do so many different types of modeling and looks and have fun with it and gain more experience each time.” 

Working Her Way Through School
“I like the flexibility of being a server, and I like being able to work with people, and I can’t complain about the tips. Dealing with customers, whether negative or positive rarely affects me and I know it’s only temporary so I enjoy it for the time being. Plus I have the time to work on future endeavors, like school, modeling and gaining more clients as a personal trainer.”

Investing In Rest And Balance
“When I have a day off, I always fill it with errands and other things that I need to do. On a rare, actual day off, I like to catch up on reading, hang out at home with my cat, watch some Netflix and sleep as much as possible because my schedule is so hectic that I don’t have a regular sleep schedule (even though I know I should). I always incorporate time with friends and my husband throughout the week, and I am constantly around people, so honestly, I do enjoy my alone time when I get it. But truth be told, if I had more than one day off with nothing on my agenda, I would be extremely bored because I’m an extrovert at heart and I enjoy my life and the people I surround myself and everything I have going on in my life. My heart feels full, and I am blessed to have everyone and everything that I have in my life currently.”

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