She Married The Perfect Man

One of the biggest problems couples have is putting up with the differences in personality and habits.  It’s been a flash point for us, like most people, but the sermon in church yesterday opened my eyes to a better way of dealing with it than the way I have been doing it.

My wife Ana is less rigid, more spontaneous, and takes things as they come. She is always smiling, happy and never in a rush to get anything done.  She would rather sit with me and snuggle if she thinks I need it than go get groceries for instance.  

I like to be organized, efficient, and to have a tight plan, with contingencies, so everything runs smoothly and efficiently so the work gets done and we can enjoy snuggle time without the stress of things left undone.  

I love the way she is and don’t want to change one single thing about her. But she drives me crazy sometimes and I get very frustrated by things left undone or not done to my standard.  Those personality traits and habits that put all the fun and color into our relationship and that I absolutely love about her, make running an efficient and successful business and household very challenging.

My color between the lines thinking is very helpful when managing a business and a household but it’s Ana that talks me down out of the tree and brings out the fun and playful side of me.  She puts all the life and love in our home.  

Like I said, I don’t want her to change but I do want things to change.  I just realized after a sermon in Church on Sunday that we will reach a much better place faster if I stop trying to change her ways and just step up and do the things for our family that I do well and let her do the things she does best.  I need to spend my time appreciating her and building her up.  If she does the same for me then we end up much happier and each of us will be more motivated to learn new things and get better at areas of our life that need growth. 

This is a “spirited” conversation between Ana and I but as you all will agree at the end of the show, I am right.

Except when I am horribly wrong.

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