Something Positive – Show 39

Everyone has a bad day but when we catch ourselves chronically searching for the sliver of misery in the apple pie of our lives then we may want to check our thinking. I realized that I was doing exactly and caught myself when someone took the time to see some positive in my life and share it with me. The feeling was incredible and my very next thought was that I need to start doing that for others I care about and do it every day.

Your brain can do a lot of things but it can’t wallow in misery and basque in the warm glow of positive thought at the same time. Misery is a choice then of which thoughts we ruminate over in our minds. There is an upside in virtually every story so it’s just a matter of finding it and thinking about that rather than anything else. Once I started doing that my outlook changed and not surprisingly, so did my situation. The people around me absorb what I put into their day and when it became more positive, they changed too.

Ana Tigre and I talk about that revelation in this show, as well as the importance of looking after yourself so you can be at your very best.

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