She Made A Difference In My Life

The past couple weeks have been stressful. Business is a constant flow of problems and challenges and while Ana deals with the day to day issues running Blessed Bodywear, I am still the ideas guy and head problem solver. We’ve had a lot of problems in bad need of solving these past couple weeks.

Jesse’s case will come to a close soon. It looked like all that could be done was done and we were just waiting on court dates, then the crapola hit the fan.

His biological mother Crystal is changing her life, moving away from the world of crime, drugs, gangs, and violence. While you would think people would be happy for her, and there are many that are, there are some that aren’t and those people are doing all they can to ensure Jesse grows up in the very world Crystal has moved away from.

I believe God is in control and that the right decisions will be made in the end but that doesn’t mean we get to skip the process.

As I said, it’s been a rough couple weeks.

Two days ago I got a message from an old friend that I respect and care about. She and her husband are good people and they have been great friends to me for many years although we don’t talk that often. Out of the blue, her message showed up on my phone. She said things that were meaningful, observations she had made, and she complimented me by letting me know that I had impacted her in a positive way. The message only took a couple minutes to send but it changed my outlook so much I felt compelled to write this story two days later.

As I write this I know for a fact that a handful of my friends are going through some heavy stuff. I’ve offered to pray for them, offered condolences, and I have written a couple encouraging words. What I haven’t done yet is what my friend did for me. I haven’t given a reason to see any positive, any upside, or any words that would actually make someone feel stronger, more equipped, or simply that they are a good and admirable person.

Chaundra Tanji, because of you I now have a new daily habit of doing for others exactly what you did for me.

Because what you did made a difference.

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