Have Kids Destroyed Our Marriage? – Show 20

This morning Ana and I had an honest talk about our marriage, our business and our lives in general.  It’s been almost two years now since Jesse came to live with us, seven months since Emma and Cady blessed our family.  It has been very trying at times, we have made mistakes but we learned from them and we have gotten better at everything, including our marriage, but it’s not what it once was and we want some of that back.

We talked about what we want and need, what we want our marriage to be, and our lives, and we made a plan to get ourselves there.  It will take some work, some adjusting, we will need to get better at some things, and we will have to start paying attention to details.  It’s the small things that change a marrriage, grains of sand, either for the better or worse.  It’s a choice, and taking responsiblity.  

After we talked we got out of our van and walked into the shop and into the recording studio and shared our thoughts, raw and unscripted.  We hope it helps anyone else out there struggling with the same things we do.  
The older I get the more I realize that love is everything and I am not prepared to lose the best thing that ever happened to me.

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