My Hippie Wife And How She Saved My Life

I was born and raised a meat and potato eating man’s man and it almost killed me.  Ana Tigre, my hippe wife as I jokingly call her, sat beside me as I lay in my hospital bed for five days as I lay there just one bad day away from a fatal heart attack or stroke.  I was in congestive heart failure and the solution I had been told was a transplant and a life on medication.  Ana wasn’t content with that news so she spent her time there quietly researching how to deal with my health issues using food along with some lifestyle changes.

A couple years later I walked out of my Cardiologists office on my 57th birthday with a clean bill of health and a very strong and normal heart and vascular system.

Ana joins me on this episode to talk about what it took to change my way of thinking and be open to new ideas about my food and lifestyle, and the changes we made that saved my life.

Today I contunue to eat things that make my body operate at it’s very best and I have never felt better.  I will never go back to that old way of thinking now that I know how much better and longer my life can be by simply thinking about the food I eat and understanding the bad, and the good, that food can do to my body and health.


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